PT. Media Televisi Indonesia was granted a broadcasting licence for Metro TV on October 25, 1999. It is a subsidiary of the Media Group, headed by Surya Paloh, the company’s CEO/President, who was a wealth of experience in the local media industry and is the publisher of Indonesia’s third largest national newspaper. Media Indonesia. From a start up work force of 280 employees the company now employs more than 1200 people, mostly in the newsroom and production areas.

On November 25. 2000. Metro TV went on air for the first time in a trial series of broadcasts to seven cities. At first it was aired for only twelve hours a day until April 1, 2001, when 24 hour broadcasting began.

Perhaps the greatest challenge for the company in the early stages was the need to build its infrastructure, facilities and team, all within the short time scale of nine months. Though this was hard work the experience gained was invaluable in forging a solid team of experienced professionals who had already been tested under challenging conditions.

The company has ushered in a new wave of lifestyle and quality alternative entertainment programming to compliment its dominance in the news sector of the industry. It has pioneered new perspectives and unique one-of-a-kind programs while improving the way information is presented. Sophisticated and stylish productions from Metro TV have breathed new life into the industry. Even the most discerning viewers have a viewing choice second to none.

The desire to be the best drives the company’s enthusiasm and its multi-dimensional approach to programming needs. Looking ahead to 2006 the vision of the company is to have by then achieved number one ranking for its news quality and delivery as well as extraordinarily high levels of loyalty from both viewers and advertisers.

The company also takes its corporate responsibility towards shareholders and employees seriously. Though consistent in driving forward to achieve a significant level of growth and profit and to leverage its assets, the welfare and quality of life of Metro TV employees remains of paramount importance.


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